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Mary Bernd

Mary has been working with the Countryside Veterinary Clinic as a Receptionist since April of 1988. Both Mary and her husband Mike were born and raised in New Richmond. Mary is the Lead Receptionist for the clinic.

Mary & Mike live in the city of New Richmond.  They have one grown son, Jim and his wife Jen.  Mike and Mary have 2 Cairn Terriers:

Darby – a very independent Cairn Terrier that “lives to eat”.  Quinn - hasn’t met a stuffed toy that he hasn’t immediately fallen in love with and he happily claims Darby’s, also!

In her free time, Mary  enjoys reading, going to Rochester to "shop until you drop" with her sister, watching football and playing Big Fish games on her computer.

She is an avid fan of the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins and the Wisconsin Badgers.

Sheila Derosier

Sheila joined the Receptionist team at Countryside Veterinary Clinic in December 2009 and lives in Somerset.

Sheila shares her home with her dog, Ernie.  He is a Teddy Bear (Shih Tzu/Bichon) who loves to snuggle.  He is also a little firecracker and is very good at making Sheila laugh.  He likes going on walks, chasing anything that moves (including leaves), pulling the stuffing out of his toys, and most of all - he likes to eat!  He recently had some dental work done which has altered his appearance somewhat - think Count Dracula!

In her spare time, Sheila enjoys photography, cooking, reading and gardening.

Lindy Kjeseth

Lindy joined our Receptionist team at Countryside in April 2010.  Lindy and her husband, Michael, have 2 children – Jason and Kellie.    They have a hobby farm in the Deer Park area with several animals:

Emma - English Springer, Nora - Havanese, Mally - DMH Great Mouser!, Daisy - DLH, Rex & Raven - Percherons, Sophie - Thoroughbred used in Fair games.

Lindy’s hobbies include: riding horse, crocheting, fishing and camping, taking care of all of their pets, spending time with family and doing activities. Lindy loves to DANCE!

Lindy and her family enjoy camping, fishing on the Great Lakes, ice fishing, horseback riding, sleigh riding, hunting (Lindy bow hunts), snowshoeing, hobby farming crops - her family crop farms 200 acres of corn every year!  In any spare time left, Lindy crochets and grooms her animals.  And – she loves the Green Bay Packers!

Cassandra Wittstock

Cassandra joined Countryside Veterinary Clinic in 2016 as a front desk receptionist. She lives in Star Prairie with her husband, Michael and son Landon.

Her pets include: Camo - a 4-year-old black lab mix that thinks he's still a puppy, Curious George - a Bengal cat that thinks he's a dog and lays under Landon's chair waiting for food, Zeke - a lab mix - he is a true "Shadow" (Homeward Bound) and lays around all day until one of the other ones act up and then he has to go see what's going on.

With a very active 2-year-old in the house - there is no spare time for hobbies or anything else according to Cassandra! 

Lucky she met a winner!  He doesn't watch sports.  We have several employees that would argue that!

Judy Olson

Judy rejoined our staff in 2007 as our professional phone consultant.  Her main goal is to call our clients that have treatments, exams and vaccinations that are coming due and help them make their appointment so their pet is fully protected at all times.  She works 2 or 3 afternoons/evenings a week keeping in contact with our great clients.  She does a great job!

Judy lives by Amery with her husband, Kermit and her family includes daughter, Shannan - daughter, Brandy,(children, Ethan & Lola) – son, Nate (wife RuthAnn and children Tristan & Levi) – daughter, Brianna (husband Wayne and grandpuppy, Vincent & Zoe.

Judy’s pets include Daisy – a vivacious Boston Terrier and Oliver, a long-haired Chihuahua.  They keep her busy!

Judy’s hobbies include sewing, crocheting, jigsaw puzzles, reading, playing cards with family and friends, and hanging out with the grandchildren.

She pretends she’s a Viking fan only because Kermit is a Green Bay Packer fan.  Wouldn’t you like to be in their living room during a Viking/Packer game!

Angela Schultz

Angela is the latest addition to our front desk staff. She joined us in September of 2017. She currently resides with her fiance; Denver. 

Like ALL of our staff, she loves animals and has three pets at home:

Frank - male cat who was adopted from a shelter in 2008. He loves belly rubs and showing off for strangers.

Kitty - was a stray who was taken in around 2014. She is an ELITE mouse hunter!

Luigi - Has been with Angela since 2015 and is a very sweet cat.

Angela loves to travel and has been to many places all over the United States to include: California, Oregon, Vegas, South Dakota, Florida, and many more! We'll be sure to sneak in her suitcase during her next voyage.

She also loves to play frisbee golf, go fishing, and hiking.

It's great to have Angela and her contagious enthusiasm on our team!

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I have taken my pets (dogs) and cat for the last 12 years to Countryside. Everyone in the place shows concern and caring for my pets well being. They have proven to me over and over that they deserve my loyalty.

David L.
New Richmond, WI

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